Promise to myself ✍️✍️️✍️️🙅🏼🙅🏼🙅🏼



I’m in middle of my preparation and I’m sure I’m doing better with every passing day but kind of have this feeling that this still is far away from my best. I need to change certain things .. I need to realise first of all that I need to live on the edge every second.. I need to remember that it is really important for me and most importantly, that I’m totally deserving of this post … I just have to work hard to clear the examination . I know this can only be done by co sṭanṭ efforts put every single day. I know that fulfilling everyday goals makes the job way easier then panicking about the whole big exam. So here I promise myself I’ll give my best every single day and report to myself everyday before bed. I need to remember that I am meant for this … I am meant to achieve this but to accomplish this I really need to work harder. From today on, delayed gratification to be followed .. set certain goals and reward ur self only when u have achieved those… also just give ur everything in finishing things… U CAN DO EVERYTHING!!!!!!!! So certain thongs to be followed are:

  • Irrespective of when u wake up or sleep .. JUST STUDY!!
  • Revise things very regularly… while walking .. eating… before sleeping .. every time…
  • give geography 4 hours study every single day … after the coming 4 days .. it has to be followed heartedly ..
  • Make a list ready with u so u always know what to start with next …
  • put phone wifi off till 9pm ..
  • think GOOD AND POSITIVE!!!
  • Nothing will go wrong if u follow things as they’re meant to be.
  • have confidence in ur self ..just keep following ur path .. IT’s THE BEST!!!!!
  • make a regime of maximum studying for the coming 7 days… show ur self how much u can give to ur dreams .. and then improve with every passing day .. u will be amazed by the results…
  • you are putting a lot of things on stake … make this time worth and take revenge of whatever didn’t go good with u.
  • Last few days of December… just show this year that It cant really ruin you … take revenge of not getting through GATE!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
  • You have shone brighter then the sun before… just show urslef u can do it as many times u want…. I MUST DO IT. I CAN DO IT. I WILL DO IT.

Thats my promise to myself!!!!!!!!!!!!

See you every night here with every passing day being better then last one!!! 🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌✌️️✌️️✌️️✌️️✌️️😎😎😎😎😎🍾🍾🍾🍾

My He!

You made me realize the power of strong imagination and deep desire. You are the joy of my life. If law of karma does work, then i must have done something great to have you 🙂 h

You know you are never away from me.. you are in every little thing surrounding me. You are in scold of my father, you are in extreme care of my mother, you are irritating as my brother. With you I’ve experienced a lot, I was extreme joyous, I felt irritated, I was overwhelmed by the awesomeness of your company, I wished I’ve never met a person as annoying as you, you made me get possessive,you made me feel independent, you made me feel home, you made me nostalgic.You taught me the value of small things.. gave me a reason to remember that toffee Pulse, Kiss me. Surprised me by all those indulgence we had in CCD.. by your plans.. tinkering your brain thinking what i like the best, deciding of which you never failed. I never really thought i can love someone this much but here i am.. sitting .. can’t stop thinking of you. I used to think will it always be me who will miss the other so badly and not good though, but somewhere i wanted you to miss me too and yes, desires do come true. But I don’t want you to miss me and go sad.. rather rise above this distance and feel free to fall in love again if that’s what your heart wants.

I want you to feel proud of me, I want to fulfill all those promises I’ve made to you. you are such a jewel of a person. I always found you standing by my side irrespective of situation. You have showered upon me immense love which makes me feel overwhelmed with emotions. I so want to give you the same with higher amplitude. I got to know the power of dispossessing someone.. how it is like to have someone but let them free to their choice on the same hand. I’ve virtually experienced whatever we’ve discussed for our future in all these years. These memories are priceless.. i’ll make sure to the best of my efforts that whatever we planned does come in life. And i will make sure to make you feel the same caressed and special.

With love,

Yours only, ME!

I Love ME!

Love- the most divine feeling, truly selfless, never asks for reciprocity in any relation. Loving someone doesn’t mean I can’t hurt the person but I surely must not have the intentions to do so.

The most astonishing part about being in love is that I come to know a lot about me- myself! And the best part is I realize the importance of being in love with myself first of all. The pleasant surprise is when I’m happy and I emit positive vibrations in the surrounding environment, I make others happy too. The need of the second is to think positive and for that the primary requirement is to be happy which comes from being in love with yourself.

I need to do what I love or love what I do. I need to be optimistic at every step in life. Envy, lust, anger are the feelings which can’t coexist with love at a place. So, I’ve to decide which one to choose. I get in practice to care my dear friends and my beloved parents. Love is unconditional, it teaches to forget the wrongs done by the other person and brings ecstasy.

Love is immeasurable- like a sea! Brings freedom. I need not take another birth to be free as bird, I’d rather fall in love with me, my occupation, my surroundings to feel the bliss of god, the freshness of morning air, the pleasant first rain- a FREE FALL!

Love creates an aura of happiness. Fills with more positivity, stability and a lot creativity. It shows my “true form”, my different facets. It’s my biggest strength.

Life is too short to have grudge against wrongs. I should love everything, everyone, be posiitive and bring happiness and optimism. Lively spirit brings hope and Hope is the foundation of a humankind!

See how important being in love is…. If you so far didn’t learn to love yourself, do it soon. Open your heart and explore your life. Life is always filled with pleasant surprises for those in love. 🙂

Marriage-Boon or Bane!

In India we tag two people married if they have followed a set of social or legal norms to achieve the value. But one thing which most of us haven’t noticed is that every marriage is a marriage of two seperate people i.e. his marriage and her marriage. Now one might ask why say two? aren’t they a single unit after marriage? But does the amount of freedom distributed among themselves is equal? If the answer of latter question is no then why should the answer for the former questions be yes. In fact it cannot be!

In our patriarchal society, girls so far are the objects to be dominated over by men. From the very childhood they are taught to learn this and do that. On the contrary, boys were always given freedom to several things for which girs were not given. What to talk of freedom in a society where girl child is killed even before birth. Though in one way her parents should be thanked who prevented her to see the monsters of the society. Even now at several places in India, if she takes birth by mistake then life for her is hell on earth.

Agreed to the fact that equality in society is an illusion. But does that mean one section should always get dominated by the other? Girls are always taught not to talk to a stranger and have lot of boundations even with friends. Irony is, you cannot talk to a stranger ever but one fine night you can definitely sleep with one!

Now question is does marriage issues some certificate to the boy that now on he’ll have full access to the girl’s body? I guess no! but legally it’s yes, a big YES!! Forcibly done sexual act is tagged as rape but thanks to our constitution according to which the same forcibly done sexual act is not rape but is PERFECTLY FINE! In fact the problem is not with the constitution which was written with very noble thoughts and by very noble people. The interpretation is the whole problem. Devoiding her from her freedom is straightway violation of Article19 i.e. right to freedom-Fundamental Right!

Now she cannot complain anyone about this. Her family is under veil of Indian culture and after marriage are not “responsible” for their own child. Now if not her family, she definitely can’t expect the boys’ family to understand the stature. So the situation is pretty cool, her future is now waiting her to abort the child if she is a girl!

IIM & IIT says-Bitch Please!

With the ever-growing claws of the “achche-din” wali government, one can definitely see the pattern with which they are working. It’s not wrong for any leader to introduce new reforms in the fields he finds the country lagging. But isn’t it necessary for every leader to ask for the common consensus of the ruled community?

One would definitely feel cheated and pretty much helpless if it’s freedom is snatched away.

Centralisation of power from various institutions in India is a topic of debate nowadays. Shouldn’t our respected leader feel a bit like asking the innocent people atleast maybe because we live in a democracy which till now (fortunately) is one of the most powerful in the world?

A bunch of students form a group to discuss their interests and the whole government body turns mad and leads to curb the student body in IIT Madras. Seriously!! That’s how you expect the cream of India to live in! Innovative brains can be feeded only by freedom provided to them. Clinch this off and they turn into mechanical figures!

IIMs are known for the prominent personalities they produce every year,  among whom many are influential leaders all across the globe. They work well firstly because they have the freedom to take decisions on their issues. The people taking decisions for the institutes are those who’ve been associated with that environment and are so used to it that they can efficiently tell about the goods and bads of the institute and have the callibre to rectify it as well. If the Government snatches this power from them then they would have to live on the mercy of the decisions taken by the people who know nothing about it! ( :/ ) People there have the power to think about the management of the institute. Who would be the Chairman? Which courses to be put in the syllabus? How the students should be appointed? These decisions can only be taken by those who are directly attached to the institute and those who have served the institute for several years in their lifetime. They actually are too freedom loving to be captured!!

Governments do come and go but the institutes have to remain intact with the storm of time. How can we let the people suffer with the scars of decision taken just because somebody recently got the power and was dying to use them (before they go off!)

Someone has rightly said that somethings are too beautiful to be touched! 🙂

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